Voiceover Course


Voiceover is not only about reading scripts. It’s an art that requires delivering feelings through your voice in order to meet the collaborator expectations. The collaborator can be the author for audio book, the animator for the animation and dubbing, and the receiver (a defined audience) for radio ad, documentary, and corporate video. The aim of the course is to learn the voiceover foundations which lead to build a true voiceover character & think like a voiceover. Our professional voiceover course #your_voice_worth_money got so much influence in the Middle East.

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Course keys points & contents:

- analyzing the text and sense of scene

- Performance & acting

- Energy & relaxation 

- Improvising

- Controlling your voice 
- the voiceover business

- technique with microphone 

Secondary topics:

- Main procedures in text analysis 

- Why acting 

- Stanislavski’s foundations that are related to voiceover 

- how to deliver feelings through your voice 

- develop your imagination ability  

- the 4 kinds of breathing and how to use implement them in voiceover 

- How to relax and manage stress

- silence & pauses

- Breathing training



Filed you will learn about:
- Radio ad

- Audio books

- Corporate video 

- Documentaries 

- Slogan 

- IVR 


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