The Professional Dubbing Course

Dubbing is not only about changing your voice! You have to have the ability to live the different characters, and moving between them smoothly with a full aware of the differences between them. This course will be a journey to know about the different archetypes of the characters, the basics of voice acting, plus creating the inner life & outer life of a character. Since we have always insured the top quality for our course, this course will be held with collaboration with the best voice acting stars in the Arab World Tareq Al-Arabi Tourgan & Mohammed Al-Arabi Tourgan. 


Course keys points & contents:

- Creating Characters 
- Character’s voice creation process 
- Developing inner & outer life of the character
- Implying character in different scripts   



Secondary topics:

- The essential elements of each character  

- How to build a character 

- Character archetypes 

- Voice manipulation techniques  
- The elements of a voice
- Developing feelings 
- Connecting a new character with reality 



Filed you will learn about:

- voice mimicking 
- lip sync  
- Creating mind mapping with the visuals  
- The business of an interpretation   



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