About Us

Panda Voiceover has been established since the year of 2014, and it was the first company in the middle east to offer a professional voiceover. In the year of 2016 we have created our criteria for a professional voiceover, which we evaluate, accept, or decline an applicant based on them. In the same year, we have been created the first & only voiceover curriculum in KSA, Dubai, and Oman. By now, we are operating in UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey with over 30 studios. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the premier audio voiceover production company in the Middle East, creating a hub of excellence for voice actors. We strive to produce audio services with the best quality, lowest prices and fastest turnaround times. Our business partners and employees are all fully committed to taking voiceover services to a whole new level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop cutting-edge processes in audio production in order to better serve the business community. Panda VoiceOver is committed to meeting the needs of clients and customers. We aim to offer the best audio production services in the Middle East.