AI Recordings Experts

Since 2020 Panda Voiceover became the leading company in MENA region for text to speech recording for Arabic language. The text to speech development goes through 8 stages:
1. Language resources
2. Language model design

3. Language model
4. Recording script
5. Voice talent recordings
6. Automatic voice build
7. Crowdsourced QA
8. Voice


Recording AI script or as know text to speech, requires a -40 DB recording environment which we have achieved in our studios in both Saudi Riyadh, and Dubai UAE. For text to speech services we provide:
1. Recording studios
2. Voiceover talents
3. Voiceover director (Linguistic)

We have worked with LoinBridge, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Polly, SpeechOcean, Xina, and Boris production with over 400 hours of recording, quality control, and project management.

Here are some samples from our talented voiceovers

If you have a text to speech project which requires any of the services above. You can contact us and we will be glad to help